About Us

Tasty Taste Restaurant All-n-One Event Center is a dream come true for owners Kenneth Simon and Debra Crawford-Simon. Debra has owned two day-care centers for over 24 years and had her mind set on opening a restaurant for many years. Kenneth has been in the restaurant industry for over 35 years. They decided to purchase the land next door to one of Debra’s daycare centers in January 2011, which was previously a house, and quickly beginning creating a name for the restaurant. Debra sketched the design lay-out and within months, hired contractors to begin the development of Tasty Taste Restaurant All-n-One Event Center.

Tasty Taste Restaurant All-n-One Event Center is quickly becoming a South-side favorite. It is a full-service restaurant specializing in home-cooked cuisine. The food is sourced from top quality ingredients and products, and cooked to order. Tasty Taste Restaurant also offers a full-service bar with an assortment of domestic and international liquor. The facility can also be leased for special events to include, but not limited to: weddings, receptions, baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties. Catering, holiday meals, and special event packages are available.

Our approach towards the operation of the restaurant is a cooperative effort . We believe that every member of our staff is an integral part to our success and play an important role to the development of our business.
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